What's Up, Doc?

Carrots, of course!

We pulled these last week, but then got so caught up in the winter preparation that I forgot about it. These are from the first planting of carrots that we put in back in August. These are about 83 days into that planting, and were the biggest ones. This particular variety is Danvers Half Long, and they don't get very long (as the name suggests). Instead, they stay kind of fat and stumpy. There are many other carrots, but not many are crowning out of the soil yet, so we will let them stay in the ground as long as we can. Many are in a cold frame or under the greenhouse tunnel, so they should hopefully be good for several more weeks without freezing.

So not too many carrots yet, but what we did do with them was excellent:

This is a much more interesting version of the stir fry dishes we've been having with the garden veggies. In addition to our typical chicken and bok choy, this includes the carrots and some snap peas from the garden as well. (The red pepper is from Tendercrop, but we are planning to grow our own next year for sure!)

Hopefully the rest of our carrots are happily fattening up under ground, and we'll have many more available for Thanksgiving dinner. I'll post more photos as we harvest them.


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