Ordering Day-Old Chicks

Based on laying ability, cold hardiness, and personality (docile and friendly!), we picked our chicks today. Because we live in a city, we can't have a giant flock, but we were able to order a small number of chickens from My Pet Chicken. The best part is that we are able to mix and match varieties, and although the shipping is expensive to keep such a small group of chicks warm and on the road for as little time as possible, it's well worth it to have a manageable (and legal) flock for our yard.

Below are photos of the varieties we chose (one of each). These are obviously not our chicks. We will get ours the week of April vacation, just a day after they hatch, and they will be tiny balls of fluff. These photos are just samples of what they'll look like as they mature.

Red Star

Barred Rock

Rhode Island Red

Easter Egger

I suppose this post is a classic example of counting one's chickens before they hatch, but we are pretty excited to get them started!


  1. So much fun guys! I love, love having them. Enjoy!


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