Aerial View: November 1, 2012

As you can see from these photos, Hurricane Sandy did an excellent job of bringing down lots of leaves in a short bit of time. That's why the back lawn looks brown: Those are oak and maple leaves, not dirt! We'll get to raking them up later this month. We also haven't put the plastic back up over the tunnels since the storm came through, but we'll definitely need to do so by Saturday, as we are supposed to have nighttime temperatures back into the 30s by then. 

Other than these very minor inconveniences, we had no real problems from the hurricane, and consider ourselves very, very lucky.

The biggest changes here are that all of the summery plants like tomatoes, melons, sweet potatoes, and okra have been pulled out, leaving lots of empty spaces. Many of these spots have been filled in with new shoots of winter rye, though, so it still looks like there is a good deal of green in the garden because of our cover cropping.

Bigger plants include cool-weather things like Brussels sprouts, cabbages, peas, and lots of lettuces and carrots. The asparagus is also hanging on, as are many of our herbs.

The swingset quadrant.

The patio quadrant.

The garage quadrant.

The workshop quadrant.


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