Flower Friday: July 12, 2013

Summer flowers are here: snapdragons, lilies, daisies, hydrangea. I'm especially interested in what color the lilies turn out to be, since I bought them in a mixed bag collection, something I never do. So far, so good.

Snapdragons, echinacea, yarrow, and lilies.


Shasta daisies and hydrangea.

Astilbe, snapdragons, echinacea, and Shasta daisy. 

I would ordinarily have skipped the daisy in this arrangement, but it was a perfectly healthy hold-over from one of last week's bouquets, and it seemed a shame to throw it out. Also, I always think of daisies as our wedding flower, and it's no coincidence that they are flush at our anniversary every year — our fifteenth was yesterday!


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