Two Tomato-licious Lunches

I'm trying to savor my very last days of summer vacation this weekend — a break that was extended into the first week of September this year, thanks to Rosh Hashanah. This past Thursday and Friday I was able to enjoy some peace and quiet around the house while the kids were at school (their classes started — gasp! — before Labor Day this year). I used the time to dry some tomatoes, for starters:

Once these were in the oven (directions to make them are here), I celebrated by eating up the remaining sundried tomatoes from last year's supply. We had been using them sparingly throughout the spring to ensure that they lasted until we had tomatoes again. Now that day is here, so here's a sundried lunch:

This sandwich is sundried tomato and goat cheese on roasted garlic ciabatta. (The bakery at Market Basket is not too shabby!) The sandwich (which gets put together to eat, of course) is dressed with olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh basil, and fresh rosemary.

The next day I went with a fresh tomato lunch of gazpacho dorado and an open-faced tomato sandwich:

The recipe for gazpacho dorado is here, and although I made it several days ago, it keeps really well. The sandwiches are on split, toasted English muffins spread with goat cheese (immediately after toasting to encourage meltiness). The next layer is a slice of yellow tomato, then some fresh parsley and basil, and finally topped with an over-easy egg, plus a pinch of salt and pepper. 

This sandwich surpassed my expectations big-time, and is a new favorite. I really liked the parsley with the egg and tomato. The goat cheese is probably optional, but was a nice addition.

Too bad I won't be home during the day any more to enjoy them for breakfast.

Also, let's just pretend that I cut the egg open on the smaller sandwich on purpose, for the photo and didn't break the yolk in the pan, ok?


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