Trim the Fat Tuesday: The Cereal

For the last entry in this month's grocery series, the kids are going to take another one for the team. They might not notice, though, since all we're planning to do is

Swap out expensive cereals for their generic counterparts. 

This, then, is our last box of Cheerios for awhile. They will be replaced by Market Basket Tasteeos, which taste pretty much exactly the same and have all the same nutritional stats.

Speaking of nutrition, the part of the cereal maneuver that the kids are likely to notice is the part where we stop buying them sugary cereals. We usually provide them things like Frosted Mini-Wheats and Special K Red Berries, and that shit is expensive. And they go through it like it's nothing, scarfing it down for every breakfast as well as an after school snack.

Well, no more. We're thinking that if they only have (fake) Cheerios, they'll be bored enough to eat something else for their snacks. Like, um, vegetables from the garden, maybe. Or at least apples or yogurt or something.

On to the money. The big box of Cheerios at Market Basket is normally $3.99, while the same size box of Tasteeos  is just $2.50. Since we usually go through (at least) two boxes of cereal each week, that means we will save $2.98 per week. I think that's a low-ball figure when compared to smaller boxes of fancier cereals that have been known to grace our pantry, but whatever.

Savings per month: $12

Total Savings for October: $1,600 (this month's savings plus the savings already in place from previous months!) 

Total Savings in 2014: $7,723


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