Sunday Dinner: Football Food

This Sunday we enjoyed some football food while we watched the AFC Championship game: sliders!

Our mini-burgers were topped with bacon and cheddar, plus caramelized red onions, bread and butter pickles, and homemade ketchup from the garden. Well, pickles and ketchup don't come directly from the garden, but their ingredients do.

We also had purple and yellow French fries and a light slaw. Our storage cabbage is still doing well in the basement, and Kirk made a new winter slaw with shredded cabbage and carrot, plus a couple of thawed cilantro cubes, salt and pepper. The dressing is a light vinaigrette of olive oil and vinagre de banano (banana vinegar) from Costa Rica. It's a really delicious vinegar that tastes like a fruity, caramel-y malt vinegar. I've never seen it in around here before, and if I can't find any, I may have to try to make some when we run out. Anyway, it's just the thing for this crispy winter salad.

And to drink? Chocolate milkshakes. 'Cause that's how we roll in New England when it gets above freezing in January.

Go Pats!


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