The Merry Month Of May

We chased the bees and plucked the flowers
In the merry, merry month of May.
~Stephen Foster

I haven't written in some time because it's been pretty lean around here.

Sure, it seems like April is springtime and that gardens would be up and running, but that's true only up to a point. You can plant out a lot of things in April and get plenty of work done, but in April all the winter stores are gone (with the exception of parsnips, that is), but nothing is big enough to eat yet.

Our cold, snowy winter and very dry spring have made this April even leaner than usual. 

But now it is well and truly May, and now that we have food to eat and flowers to enjoy, we're all smiles (tinged with sighs of relief) that spring has finally arrived. Here are scenes from our merriest month in the garden.

Tulips in the cutting garden have suddenly bloomed, and we have a bounty this spring since I refurbished the bulb bed in the cutting garden last fall

I love sunset colors for flowers, and here are the slightly more pastel versions of the same palette. There are still plenty outside--I only have so many vases to fill. They make for a nice view from the porch, which we cleaned out and got back in shape for the season this weekend.

This might be an even nicer bouquet, though. Here Kirk picked our first mesclun lettuces, plus some chives and lovage. The first salad of the year never needs more than greens, which are truly appreciated after months of absence from our table.

We also set up our outdoor furniture and were able to enjoy burgers on the grill out in the fresh air. There was also plenty of grilled asparagus, the salad, and some gherkins, dill relish, and homemade ketchup from last fall.

And for dessert, a rhubarb crisp with vanilla ice cream. A delicious ending to a gorgeous weekend!


  1. Ooh, that rhubarb crisp looks amazing. I think I just drooled a little bit.


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