The Eating Season

Despite everything that has made this spring kind of sucky, we have managed, as we somehow always to do, to have food. The rains came, the sun shone, and we are finally in the eating season.

Do they give prizes for broccoli? This might be the best head ever. Now we just need to find time to cut it and eat it (or freeze it) before it blows open in the heat. Timing is everything.

The peas are filling out their pods, and are super sweet. We've managed to stay on top of picking them for freezing, but I'm hoping to enjoy some fresh as well.

Our snap peas are doing really well this year. These are a variety called "shiraz," which we like because it's so easy to see them among the vines for harvesting. They aren't quite as sweet as green ones, but when you eat them young, they're great.

We had trouble getting the lettuces started, but now we have a bed of really beautiful butter crunch and romaine heads. Almost too pretty to eat!

June is also strawberry month, and we've been enjoying eating these. Because we've been so busy, we've just frozen a bunch whole. We'll be able to turn them into jam or ice cream or crisp later. We also have an everbearing variety, so we'll be able to keep snacking on them all summer long after this first flush is over. 


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