The Little Apple Tree That Could

You may recall that the epic Winter of 2015 brought with it a lot of damage to our plants, especially those in the perennial border and the orchard. Our small Granny Smith tree was hit particularly hard, since it was, for a time, completely buried in a full Gronk of snow:

When the snow finally melted, its massive weight broke every branch on the little tree:

We figured it was a total goner, but since it managed to both blossom and set fruit (!!!), we didn't remove it. The result? One perfect apple:

This is the one and only Granny Smith apple harvested from that tree ever, and it was a great one: extra large, crisp, and juicy. It's a shame the tree isn't worth saving (we have some orchard redux in mind for next spring, actually), but it was nice to see it put out one prefect piece of fruit.


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