Our New Winesap Apple Tree

I’ve been doing a lot of freelance writing lately, and one of the places I write for is Fast Growing Trees, an online nursery based in South Carolina. One perk is that they sent me a free tree, our new Winesap apple: 

It’s huge — bigger than me, and much bigger than Jonas, as you can see. In the past, we’ve always gotten bare root sticks, so this tree is definitely the biggest we’ve ever gotten in the mail. It’s also packaged with its rootball intact (and in dirt), so it saved me the trouble of heeling it in

We’re definitely planting these trees this coming weekend. Now that the weather is supposed to be a little warmer, and we have a supply of compost from the city yard, and we have all the trees, it’s time to break out the shovels and get these in the ground to complete the orchard renovation

I’ll definitely be interested in seeing if the bigger tree fruits faster, or if it just means that there’s more of it to acclimate and it will take just as long to recover from transplant shock anyway. We’ll have to pick the blossoms off this year, but it would be amazing if we got a few apples next year!


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