A New View

It’s hard to get excited about a drought, but if there’s a silver lining, it’s that this was as good a summer as any to work on a pretty intense side project. Since I am now working from home as a full-time writer, Kirk built me a tiny office in the back yard. He started this project back before school ended, and today the interior is finally complete! Here’s my new view of the garden from inside:

That window used to be on the back of the garage, but Kirk salvaged it, closed the hole, and added an 8’ x 8’ room to the back of the garage with its own entrance to the garden. Here’s what that garage wall looks like now: 

That’s a flip-down table that we installed to be a standing desk, plus a few other office-y fixtures to hold my (very minimal) stuff. Mostly I just use a laptop. Here’s the view from the garden:

This office is basically a tiny house with no plumbing. That chair still needs a side table, which we decided to make out of a big slice of the trunk of a red maple we had removed at the Red House years ago. We also still need to put all the shingles on the outside, so I’ve judiciously framed these photos to render that punch-list item invisible. 

I’ll post better photos when it’s 100 percent complete, but it’s done enough to start work Monday morning!


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