The Celery Harvest

Though there were times during this summer’s drought when our celery was yellow and sprawled flat on the ground — rather like a cartoon version of a thirsty plant — it recovered really well this fall:

That’s the celery growing in our greenhouse tunnel, and it’s really robust — pretty much the best we’ve ever done with it. I attribute this to our long autumn growing season. We had a late frost, and the nightly lows just haven’t fallen much below 30 until this week. Celery does well in cool weather and can handle some frost, so it’s been loving life in the tunnel this season.

Alas, the high temperature by the weekend will only be 27, so this week we’re working our way through the most tender items in the tunnel to eat it all up before the deep freeze. The tunnels offer some protection from the cold, but won’t be able to keep things alive once temperatures start hitting the teens. 

This celery is nice enough to eat raw, and the ribs are actually wide enough for a smear of peanut butter or cream cheese. This is exciting for us — in the past, our celery has been very thin. Still flavorful, but we mostly would use it to cook. 

I see stocks and salads in the future! What do you like to use celery for?


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