2017 Master Plan: The Workshop Quadrant

Working our way around the garden, we come to the workshop quadrant. I guess we could also call this the office quadrant, since it forms the bulk my view during the day. Here’s what I’ll be gazing out at when I’m procrastinating:

In the center C are celery and parsley, zucchini, cantaloupe, and a Sungold tomato plant. The Sungold, celery, and parsley are partially shaded, which should be fine. It should help slow the ultra-prolific Sungold down to a manageable harvest level, and celery and parsley will do well with some shade in the summer anyway.

Across the top, as always, are our perennial grapes and herbs. In the upper portion of the right side is a succession planting of dill. This is the shadiest section of the garden, but dill is basically a weed and will do fine here. Below that is a semi-shaded section that will lie fallow for most of the season until we plant next winter’s spinach and mache in a cold frame.

Across the bottom is a long trellis of peas and a row of vine vine tomatoes. These are typically our heirloom varieties, but we haven’t bought our seeds yet, so the exact varieties are still up in the air.

On the left side are onions, which will be replaced by kale in the fall. Above the path is a patch of succession plantings of green beans. 


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