New Year’s Resolutions, Month by Month: March

I’ve decided to write about each of my month-long New Year’s resolutions after the fact, so I can share how the whole thing went. In January I gave up added sugar; February was a major caffeine draw-down. For March, I decided to give up alcohol.

This was really not a big deal.

I’m not a daily drinker by any stretch, and mostly enjoy a beer or two with my bandmates or a glass of wine at a restaurant. 

Though, if truth be told, I had more wine that usual during the election season (entertaining) and its aftermath (not so entertaining). 

So despite the occasional hankering for an evening drink during the first half of the month, I really didn’t miss it at all. In fact, there were a lot of positives to note:
  • Better Singing: Alcohol is really pretty bad for your voice, and when you pair it with staying up late and talking a lot, it’s a recipe for laryngeal disaster. I took the opportunity to do some real warm-ups and singing this month as well, which has been great for getting back in better musical shape.
  • Cheaper Meals: Taking a family of four out to eat is not cheap, but slashing a drink from the menu made for noticeably lower bills. It was not missed, since I enjoy a Mexican Coke at Metzy’s or a milkshake at Lexie's just as well (since added sugar in moderation is back on the table).
  • No Hangovers: Because aging is a bit of a bitch, and it’s so much easier to fall victim to a hangover than it used to be. I will wake up with my heart racing and a fluttery stomach, and it sucks. It doesn’t feel like a fair trade for a nothing-to-write-home-about buzz, either. Humbug.
Full disclosure: I cut this resolution short by about five hours to enjoy a girl’s night with some good friends on the 31st. And that was a blast! But I think that the take-away from this month is that a single glass of wine with a really nice meal is about it for me from here on out around the house. For social events, a two-drink maximum seems to be my sweet spot — just enough for fun without any regrets.


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