It's a Dirty Job…

Did I mention that last week we got a little extra dirt to top off the remaining raised beds?

So this is what 20 cubic yards looks like after a giant truck dumps it in your driveway. We had to buy more loam because we ran out of topsoil that we saved from the excavation, but we caved and got Super Soil, which is half loam and half compost. Yes, we can get all the free compost we want at the Newburyport tree dump and mix it by hand with the loam, but c'mon … we're tired. That is a lot of extra shoveling (into the car, out of the car, into the wheelbarrow, turn it into the rest of the dirt). So we splurged on the more expensive dirt, and are loving the time and labor savings.

The best part? This is about half of what we actually still need to fill the rest of the beds. They don't make a truck that big, though, so we got as much as we could. Also, we figured since we were going to get charged twice for delivery anyway, we'd just get half for now. You know, in case we get tired of shoveling and want to call it a season some time in November.

Last weekend we finished the rest of the northeast quadrant and got about halfway through the center "C" of the southeast quadrant. Kirk thought it would be a good idea to start at the farthest point out while we were still fresh and not hating on the shovels and wheelbarrow too bad. Here he is, getting it done:

This weekend we'll be back at it, although I will be doing more of the shoveling while Kirk builds the very last raised beds for our berries. These need to get done and filled with this load of soil so that we can acidify the blueberry bed and let that settle over the winter, before planting in the spring.

This is how much we got through so far:

Pretty impressive, but I think this angle makes it look like more is gone than is actually true. I think we are about a quarter of the way through this pile.


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