Blow, Winter Wind

Many can brook the weather that love not the wind.

~Love's Labour's Lost, Act 4, scene 2

Again. There hasn't been much winter weather to speak of this year, but when the wind blows in Newburyport, things fall down. Another section of fence between us and our nice neighbors is flat on the ground. I think the whole thing is doomed, but it's not the time of year (financially or weather-wise) to put up a whole new fence. We haven't even fixed the section that came down last year yet, which is, admittedly, pretty sad.

We are lucky to have great neighbors, though. We bumped into them during a wine store run downtown this morning, and we'll split the repair cost and responsibility of the two sections. I suppose if they get their section up really fast, we'll have to get out there and finally finish ours, or we'll look like terrible neighbors. 

Still, if we have some time to think about it, we could revisit the design of the fence. The neighbors probably want the privacy height because it's right by their patio, but we have talked for months about putting a gate in so the kids could go back and forth to play. We probably need the height to help protect our future chickens too, but since we are all friendly it would also be nice to be able to talk over the fence. I think we'll miss the openness once the wall is back up. 

Stupid wind.


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