Solstice Harvest

Our garden clean-up last weekend wasn't just about pulling out dead things and battening down for winter. There was also a harvest involved. Looking at the bounty below, I am reminded that a lot of our late-fall gardening experiments were pretty successful, even if the season has finally drawn to a close for us. These are things that used to be growing under the greenhouse hoop that we dismantled:

Lots of carrots. Many of them were eaten that very night!

Salad greens. You can see some spinach and beet greens mixed in with a good deal of arugula. Those guys just won't quit!

The herbs here are the last bits of the cilantro we cut before giving up on the straggly remains. Underneath (where you can't really see it) are mint leaves and a few stems of marjoram that hadn't yet died back, although most of those plants were finally killed back by the temps in the teens this past weekend. There is also a bit of sage on top. You may recall that I cut it back before, when I thought we'd have a frost that never really came. The bits that I left back in October were still totally fine, so I cut them and brought them in.

Finally, we harvested all the remaining cabbages. These are kind of small, but solid. This is a nice crop, and we didn't want to gamble with them the way we are willing to with the broccoli in the same greenhouse hoop. More on what we plan to do with so much cabbage later.


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