Back In Business


This photo is courtesy of Kirk, who found it this morning. This is the first egg we've had in over two weeks, and we are psyched to see it! Hopefully this is a sign that our light-adjustment strategery is working. The timer has been adjusted by 30 minutes each day, and now the chickens are up to 17 hours of daylight. Sunrise is at 11 p.m. for them, via the bulb in the henhouse. 

It has also been quite warm this week (though temperatures are dropping back to regular December levels as we speak). We'll see over the coming weeks if this egg is one of many, or a fluke brought on not so much by the light as the warmth. I'm really hoping it's the light.

This egg, by the way, is one of Dolley's. She was our first chicken to lay, and she is the most reliable. Prior to the Great Egg Drought she could be counted on for an egg a day, and only rarely missing a day. I'm not surprised she's the one to break the strike first. Hopefully it's a sign of more to come!


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