(This) Sunday Dinner

Yesterday was the final Sunday of Advent, the evening of our Joy supper:

This is a spinach and bacon quiche, which celebrates our joy that the chickens are all laying perfectly well again now. We also had a spinach and kale salad, with some matchstick carrots (and apple chunks from a local orchard). The kale has been snowed on a couple times now, and never is any the worse for wear in the elements. The spinach is under glass in the cold frame, and it's just as tasty. It also brings us joy that we can still head out into the garden for our dinners, even though it is now officially winter. 

I also had a glass of dandelion wine with dinner. It is definitely better well-chilled (our first tasting was at room temperature), although perhaps too dry for such a light meal. 

Now that Advent is complete, we have just a day to go until Christmas. Hope your holidays are filled with all the hope, peace, love, and joy you can handle!


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