Summer Lives On

Temperatures are dropping, the wind is picking up, and our lovely maple is starting to put on an October show:

Even so, summer isn't over until baseball ends for the season. And 'round these parts, that means when the Red Sox make their last out. 

The day the baseball season ends is, for me, one of the most depressing days of the year. That's the day that summer is utterly, indisputably gone. No turning back from the onslaught of winter now.

But it's not over! Grand slams abound, and the Sox are headed to the World Series.

I'll be honest, all these late playoff-watching nights have left me more than a little sleep deprived, and the garden has gotten the bare minimum of our attention this October.

Despite our benign neglect, the garden is still providing us with summery fruits and vegetables. Having not gotten the message that it's almost Halloween, there's still one zucchini plant producing, as well as tomatoes, raspberries, and strawberries. And for dinner this evening:

Watermelon! They were much slower to ripen this year, but we do have four or five now. They aren't as good as they were last year when it was so warm for so many months, but they aren't bad. Our main problem is that we haven't felt much like eating them now that it's fall, and it's not much fun to spit the seeds out inside. Still, we brought one in today for some variety, and it made a great addition to our dinner plates.  I imagine it will make a nice, healthy World Series snack come Wednesday and Thursday as well. 

Also for dinner is a dijon-glazed salon filet (mangled by my klutzy serving, but tasty nonetheless), corn and red pepper (a beanless succotash), and creamed Swiss chard. If only it were still warm enough to eat it on the patio!


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