Flower Friday: November 1, 2013

Frost has been here, so there's not much left in the cutting garden. We do have some hardy flowers out in the perennial border, though. This is the final Flower Friday post to show off these hangers-on. Enjoy!

Hardy chrysanthemums in a container.

"Blushing Bride" hydrangea. This blooms white in the summer, but as the flower heads age and dry out, they shift to a dusty pink. The leaves are also beginning to turn as well, and it all keeps this shrub interesting for a much longer season than one would expect.

Toad lily.

More hardy mums in the perennial border. These are very pale pink but look white in bright sunlight. We inherited these, and I think they are the unstoppable remains of someone's once-compact fall pot of mums. Glad to have them!

All those chrysanthemums in the front perennial border make for a nice fall scene, especially with the maple and jack o'lanterns getting into the act.


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