Trim the Fat Tuesday: The Gym Membership, Part 2

We're officially halfway through our money-saving project! To celebrate, I looked back over my previous posts in this series, and in doing so, realized that I could take some of the same ideas a step further. Here, in the first of a summer-appropriate mini-series of sequels, we're going to

Cancel the (other) gym membership.

I had no trouble letting go of my own gym membership early on in this project, but Kirk felt like he still used the gym enough to justify his membership. He runs road races and triathlons in good weather, but it was nice to have a place to train during our excruciatingly long, snowy, polar vortex-accursed winter.

Not so in the summertime. Besides being very busy in the garden and at the theater, running on the treadmill (or so I hear — I've never actually tried it myself) is a total drag. So instead of spending money to do something he hates, we're going to save that money and find some other wintertime exercise that he likes. Or maybe he'll just run more races to get more cool medals.

Savings per month: $12.50


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