Trim the Fat Tuesday: The Haircut, Part 2

I've already written about my own budget choices regarding my hair, but now I'm able to save even more money by

Cutting the kids' hair at home instead of at a salon.

My daughter has long, straight hair with no bangs, and she has long been on board with letting me trim the ends every now and then to keep them even. Her younger brother, on the other hand, has insisted on getting a "real" haircut for the past several years. I'm pretty much willing to let them control their own appearances as long as they are clean, so I hadn't argued much about this budget item with him.

Then along came our most recent play with a very busy rehearsal period, and suddenly a home haircut was back in play. I think this was mostly agreed upon because I was willing to schedule him in between trips to the neighbor's pool and trampoline.

But then guess what happened?

Turns out that I did such a great job and gave him exactly what he wanted, and now I am the stylist of choice for my almost-10-year-old.

By the way, I did this all with a regular pair of haircutting scissors from CVS. This child has no interest in a buzz cut, and claims an allergy to clippers. Even with scissors, it's not at all hard to do. I work my way around his whole head to trim for length, then I use my fingers to hold the hair for layering, using those first length cuts as a guide. It's very short at the back, and around his ears, and longer on top. If that's not clear, there are about a zillion youtube videos on the subject. If you like to read, you can find articles and drawings here. I didn't really do any research beforehand — just picked up the scissors and started snipping, using his current haircut and my past experience (of cutting his toddler hair) as a guide.

Anyway, with a little research and practice, this isn't hard to do. And with a "real" haircut costing $20 every two months, I'm saving $120 a year with just my scissors and my skills. And, it must be said, a patient child.

Savings per month: $10


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