Cutting Garden Seeds, Part 1

What's the best cure for the winter blahs? Flowers!

Last year I didn't do much with the cutting garden because I was in Costa Rica for the height of the season, and Kirk isn't much of a flower guy. (And, to be fair, it would've been a lot to ask for him to take care of all the food and all the flowers.)

And even though the cutting garden is still under four to five feet of snowpack, I cheered myself up today by spending a couple hours of quality time browsing seed catalogues. I think this year I will try a lot of annuals instead of looking for more perennial for the cutting garden. Perennials are awesome but expensive, so going the seed starting route will be a bit more economical.

Here's what I picked out from Park Seed (all the photos are courtesy of their online catalogue, by the way). The flowers are all in the color palette I have already planned for, and all were chosen for their long, sturdy stems for adding to bouquets.

Chantilly Mix Snapdragon

Charisma Blue Lisianthus

Bunny Tails Ornamental Grass

Night and Day Snapdragon

This was just the order from one vendor. There's more to come! 


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