New Chicks!

We've had quite the population explosion here this week. In addition to thousands of honeybees, we also have three new chicks:

I picked these guys up at the post office first thing this morning. They were slow to figure things out, but it's been a few hours and everyone knows how to eat, drink and poop, so it looks like they'll be fine.

This is Louisa Catherine, a Gold Laced Wyandotte. She's asleep in Tiegan's hands here, and typically falls sleep face-first onto the ground whenever the mood strikes.

This is Lizzy, a Welsummer. She's definitely the runt of the group. She was hiding in the corner of the box when I opened it, and for the first couple hours looked like she was either drunk or had a broken leg. She was no good at walking. She seems better now, but she's definitely the least mature and capable of the newbies.

This is Rachel, a Rhode Island Red. She's already the boss, and she appears to be the smartest and strongest. She picks on Lizzy quite a bit, which makes Tiegan pick her up and move her away. She's no bucket-filler, that's for sure.

For an idea of what they'll look like in another six months, click here. They won't be little for long!


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