Some Spring In Our Step

In addition to the orchard damage from the ridiculous Winter of 2015, I am also planning a more complete damage report on the other areas of the garden that got trashed by all the snow.

But it can wait. Because, I mean, look what happened today:

That, Dear Reader, is an open window. 

(There's also a rhododendron with a pretty big hole in the middle thanks to some branches broken beneath the weight of the snow, but never mind that for now.)

It got well and truly warm today. Warm enough to do the garden chores (feeding the chickens and gathering sap at this time of year) without a coat on. 

And warm enough to notice that the garden is finally starting to grow. 

Tulips have broken the soil. They seems to be growing more quickly that the daffodils so far, but that might just be a function of where the snow melted first.

Even more exciting, this tiny Siberian squill is starting to show actual petal color. Woo hoo!

But best of all? The soil in the cold frame is not only thawed, but actually dry on top. (That's the light color you see. The bits of darkness are the still-damp parts.) This means I should be able to sow some spring greens in the cold frame tomorrow. 

Actual planting is going to happen!

Sure, over half of the garden is still covered with snow, and the rest is too wet to work, but we have some real signs of progress today.



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