Flower Friday: July 24, 2015

Unlike last week, this week I remembered to take a picture of the cutting garden before any actual cutting occurred:

Yes, there's still a hole in the fence. Yes, it's gotten bigger as the kids continue to use it as a short cut to the neighbors' yard next door. Allow me to distract your eye with pretty flowers:

Chinese forget-me-not, astilbe, yarrow, snapdragon, and bachelor's button.

Chinese forget-me-not, astilbe, and open-faced snapdragons.

Here's a closer look at those open-faced snapdragons. They grow on a spike, but are a cup shape instead of a mouth shape. I like them (though the kids don't think they're as fun), and they were pretty easy to grow from seed.

Black-eyed Susan, echinacea, and snapdragons.


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