The Little Hydrangea That Could

In the small miracle department:

Our littlest hydrangea somehow managed to put out a flower this year. After suffering through two brutal winters and a fairly intense rehab pruning session, I wasn't expecting anything at all out the two white hydrangeas in the perennial border. I thought the best case scenario would be some new growth. 

Not impressed? Well, this one has never bloomed since I bought it several years ago. I also think a little scale is in order:

Can you even see it? This particular hydrangea "bush" is right in the center of that photo, in front of a stand of Siberian irises. It's just to the left of a small patch of mini red petunias.

Once you see just how little this plant (still) is, I think you can appreciate just how surprising that single bloom really is. I will definitely take it!


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