Flower Friday: August 14, 2015

There are still lots of flowers going strong in the cutting garden, and they seem no worse for wear as the ride out the dry spell we've had this August. This is one time where the deep afternoon shade is a blessing, but in general I think most flowers would enjoy a sunnier location. Alas, they will always play second fiddle to tomatoes and beans, and so must learn to adapt to less than optimal conditions.

Anyway, I really love blue flowers, so I was excited to have enough blooming at once to make an all-blue bouquet:

Chinese forget-me-not, bachelor's buttons, and lavender 

I also grabbed a few other really bright flowers for a different room. That zinnia grew with a crazily bent stem so it looks a little funny, but I like the way the yellow center exactly matches the other yellow petals:

Zinnia and black-eyed Susans

I almost put some pale pink snapdragons and baby's breath in that blue bouquet, but decided against it. Pink and blue always makes a pretty combination, but I was surprised to note that those blues can also hold their own with the hot colors:

This is like the floral version of a kid's crayon box. These vases ended up in two different rooms of the house, but this potential color combination is good for future reference.


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