Jeepers Creepers

At the beginning of the month I saw this guy in the peas when I was pulling weeds:

It's not all that easy to identify a caterpillar, and nothing that popped up on my go-to online identifier seemed quite right.

In the meantime, I found another one nibbling away at our corn:

As that will not stand, he was promptly fed to the chickens, and I haven't seen any more around. But I did finally have a chance to do a little more research, and I think this is a Yellow Wooly Bear, which, as it somewhat confusingly turns out, isn't always yellow. They come out toward fall and eat whatever they find in their paths, which makes me not at all sorry that I fed the two I found to the chickens. 

Well, maybe a teensy bit sorry, since it grows up to be a pretty cool looking White Tiger Moth if you let it. But most not sorry, since I like to eat corn and other things that I worked hard to grow.


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