Sunday Supper: Chicken and Broccoli Ziti

It's been a while since I've reported on a Sunday supper, but here's a really good one:

Food styling courtesy of Tiegan Trach.

We still don't have a fully functioning kitchen yet, so Kirk is focused on easy dinners. This chicken and  broccoli ziti was an upgrade from the mac and cheese that we'd normally make, to spruce it up for a Sunday dinner.

To make this, Kirk boiled a box of pasta and added broccoli from our last harvest in the last three minutes of cooking. This is probably the equivalent of one large head of broccoli, but ours included lots of individual side shoots, which is what you get as the season goes on.

He also sautéed up a pound of chicken breasts, seasoned with dried basil and oregano, plus salt and pepper. 

Finally, the sauce is a standard bechamel with about 1/4 cup of grated parmesan and four to six cloves of minced garlic. He mixed it all together, topped it with breadcrumbs and some more grated parmesan, and it's all done!

This would probably make a good baked casserole-type dish as well, which would have saved us some cooking dishes. Since we have resorted to paying the children to do some bathtub dishwashing, the number of dishes isn't as big a concern when they're on duty as it would be when it's, say, my turn. 

This was a yummy new way to eat broccoli in a hearty, autumnal dish. It was really nice to have something different, and definitely better than take out. We are anxiously awaiting the installation of our kitchen counters on November 19!


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