The Colors of Autumn

It's shaping up to be a gorgeous holiday weekend here, and we took a little time out from building kitchen cabinets to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. The leaves here are just starting to flush with color, and there are lots of pops of red and orange in the garden as well.

Our calendula was nibbled back a few times by a bunny or groundhog, so it's not as full as in years past. Good thing I still have plenty of it dried and stored from last year to make soap. The blooms we do have are lovely, though. 

Tough the vines have called it a day, the rose tomatoes are still ripening in the sun. 

The okra has also slowed way down in the cooler temperatures, but they're still blooming. The bees love these flowers, so I imagine they'll be all over this once it unfurls. These plants are easily eight feet high now, so the blue sky is always the backdrop when you look up to see them.

These tiny red petunias really took off this summer, and they're still going strong. You'll have to take my word for it that the red climbing roses behind them looked great too, but they were wrecked by the rain and wind the other day.

The aptly named sedum "Autumn Joy" is turning a dusty reddish-pink, as are the leaves of the stonecrop in front of it. The perennial border is slowly turning from summer whites to autumn reds, and this new corner has become a nice little focal point for the fall flower bed.


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