Honey in Coffee

Though we haven’t quite committed to a No Sugar Buying Challenge (yet), we have discovered that it’s probably totally possible for us to accomplish. This is due mostly to the fact that honey is delicious in a cup of coffee:

I am, admittedly, addicted to my morning cup of coffee, and I do tend to drink it fairly light and sweet. Committing to using honey and maple syrup in my coffee felt like a big stumbling block at first, in the event that we try to rely on only our own sugar production. 

But really, honey in coffee is very, very good. It doesn’t have that sharp, metallic ping of cane sugar. Instead, it’s got a mellow flavor that plays well with coffee. It kind of disappears and lets you taste more complexity in the coffee, so honey works best with medium roasts.

I’m a convert! And it reminds me that maybe we should lay down the rules for a No Buying Sugar Challenge as we head in to maple sugaring season again. 


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