Winter Cilantro

The kitchen renovation that made it so difficult to take care of canning and cooking this fall did have an upside for the garden (you know, in addition to looking so much better):

We replaced our exterior kitchen door with a much better one, which leaves the old storm door available for cold frame duty. While it’s not a perfect fit, it’s pretty close. It’s also a major upgrade, since it’s so much heavier than the old windows we had been using (as is the old window on the far end, which is also from the kitchen reno). This thing holds in much more heat, and it’s not about to be blown away by the wind anytime soon.  

And because it’s so much better insulated now, we still have cilantro. This photo isn’t great because it’s reflecting the sky above, but you can see lots of green cilantro in there.

This gave Jonas some fresh ingredients for a very carefully crafted tray of nachos:

Since it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow, it may be a while until we can dig out the cilantro for more bespoke nachos by our youngest chef — but it should still be there waiting until we get outside again.


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