Spring Weekends: A Study in Contrasts

March has it backwards this year. Our lamb-like weather was all at the beginning of the month, when we actually hit ~80 degrees and had to prop open the cold frames so as not to fry our early spring spinach salads:

We are also pleased to have some kale to eat until we need that bed to plant something else later in the spring:  

But then, if you wait a day or so, the temperatures will plummet and send you squarely back into lion territory:

That’s the same kale, this time with several inches of snow on top. The snow came down so hard on Monday that the kids had a snow day:

It all melted by the afternoon, but since then it has been much cooler. Seasonable, I guess, but I’m looking forward to April, when spring can begin in earnest and we can start getting some peas and more early greens going.


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