2017 Master Plan: The Driveway Quadrant

It’s that time of year again! We’ve been a little slower than usual to get the garden plan done this winter, as we’ve been driven to distraction by current events. Still, we finally finished that work today, and leek and onion seeds have already been started. Here’s hoping that the spring will bring the goodness and light of things growing and being nurtured in your corner of the world, too.

Starting in the center C, you can see dots that indicate the spots where PVC pipes will be inserted for pole beans. We’re doing the bean house again here! Around the outside is a traditional companion planting of squash and pumpkins. 

Across the top of the top bed is a long row of trellises cucumbers, both pickling and slicing. We’re going all in on these this year, since last summer’s drought left us with just one cucumber for the whole season. Behind the cucumbers will be bell peppers, hot peppers, eggplant, head lettuce, and a few succession plantings of cilantro.

To the right is a large block of sweet corn, and across the bottom are broccoli and white cabbages. The brassica will be shaded by the house in the afternoon, and that usually helps keep them from bolting, so this is an ideal spot for these crops.

To the left of those cabbages are parsnips and cauliflower, which will also appreciate – or at least not mind – the afternoon shade. Above that is a patch of red cabbages that will (hopefully) mature in the summer.


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