This is my third day of work and our third day of rain, so I haven't spent much time outside in the garden this week. We've all been stuck inside, but apparently that big old garden is never far from our thoughts. To wit, check out Tiegan's first homework assignment of fourth grade:

To get to know each other, the kids need to fill a bag with items that represent their personalities (based on the bulleted prompts at the bottom of the page). What's that in the ziploc baggie?

A radish she went out and picked from the garden to take in to school. She chose it because it's a "non-leaf vegetable."

Below is a close-up of the prompts. See if you can guess which one the radish is in response to.

It could be almost any of them, but if you guessed "something special about your family," you win the prize.

Your prize can be the radish. Mine is a great kid.


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