Easter Flowers

Happy Easter! Here are the blooms we have in the perennial border to celebrate the day:

The fortissimo daffodils developed their orange centers, even though I was worried about the first few that opened. They are doing well, and contrast with the blue squill just the way I had hoped.

This weekend our first orange emperor tulips opened as well. They also work well with the blue squill, although you'll have to imagine how all three of these bulbs work together for now since the ones that are blooming are kind of far apart from each other.

In addition to the flowers here, you can see shade of the summer's red color scheme to come. Above are heucherella and emerging peonies. In the back corner you can also see red stems and leaves of the climbing roses.

Red leaves continue around the front with more peonies and stonecrop in the foreground. Even though temperatures have cooled back down to a normal range, it's definitely spring around here!


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