Patriots Day Flowers

For those of you who do not live here in Massachusetts, today is Patriots Day. Patriots Day commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord, and it kicks off April vacation week for Massachusetts schools. It is also the day of the Boston Marathon.

We aren't going to the marathon today, but it is a really fun event to catch in the city if you get the chance. Since there's supposed to be record-breaking heat today, we're heading to the beach. Before we go, though, here's a look at the state of the perennial border. There are still daffodils and tulips working their bursts of color, but now you can see just about every perennial starting to leaf out throughout the rest of the border. I'm thrilled that everything has come back, and can't wait to see the grow and bloom as the season wears on!

The photo above is mostly of one of the rhododendrons in the perennial border, but if you look carefully through its leaves, you can see an orange tulip blooming in there. This is yet another example of a bulb that was relocated by a squirrel last fall. We keep finding them in all sorts of places, and I keep diligently digging them up and moving them back to where they belong.

This photo shows a part of the front yard that I don't often take pictures of. This line of daffodils is in front of the screened in porch, which is on the opposite side of the house as the rest of the perennial border. 

Among the daffodils you can see hosta starting to poke up. As the daffodil leaves get dry and crispy, the hosta should fill in and cover them up — or at least distract the eye from them. That's the idea, anyway.

Happy Patriots Day!


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