A Finishing Touch

With all the work we've done to make this garden happen, one thing got lost in the shuffle:

We have had this hammock since we lived in the Red House, where it was stretched between two hemlock trees in our back yard. It was my favorite place to read and relax in the shade after working outside, and from it you could see our old perennial border and watch the kids play on the swing set.

We hadn't ever put it up here in Newburyport. The first summer we moved in, the yard was a disaster, and we knew it would change, so we didn't bother to find a spot for the hammock. Last summer we were working so hard laying the bricks and getting everything built that we never got around to putting up the hammock.

But now, finally, the hammock has a home again. We strung it between a fir tree and the kids' swing set. This might not be the most relaxing spot in the yard; in fact, I'm sure it will be in the middle of many an adventure game. But it's semi-shaded, and from the hammock you can look out over the entire garden area. We were busy in this weekend's sunshine getting more seeds and plants in the ground, but I plan to be reading in that hammock some time later this week!  


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