May Day Flowers

Happy May Day! Here's what's blooming in celebration of spring:

Our new sweet woodruff plants have opened up nicely. Both the tiny flowers and the leaves smell fantastic — a combination of vanilla and fresh-cut hay. May Day is the traditional time to cut and dry sprigs for sachets and May Wine, which I plan to get to tomorrow when the sun comes out.

Also in full bloom are the lilacs along the driveway. These also smell wonderful. Usually these are just starting to open on May Day, but this year they are in full bloom — almost past their prime, actually. We can blame and/or thank the freakishly warm winter for that.

The last blossoms we have are the tiny, bluish ones of Jacob's Ladder. These are on the opposite side of the driveway from the lilac, so there's a nice echo of the color from one side of the drive to the other.


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