Memorial Day Flowers

Happy Memorial Day!

The perennial border is in full swing now, and the white and red color combination is working with the climbing roses in bloom:

Some day those roses will be taller and clambering up the corner of the house and along the fence. 

In the meantime, the red roses look sharp with the white geraniums in front of them.

White peonies are also in full bloom nearby. I have these in a hoop, but they are still falling all over themselves with the weight of the flowers.

Around the corner are Siberian irises. Behind them are more red roses, which will hopefully climb higher in the future.

Our white roses are also blooming. There are literally hundreds on the two bushes, and they just keep coming.

Here's a detail of one of the white roses. I haven't tried cutting any of these yet, but there are plenty to spare, so I think we'll bring some indoors as the summer goes on.


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