Orchard Update

Our fruit trees are looking good! Check out all these peaches:

They are still green right now, and they have so much fuzz that they look mostly silvery in the sunlight. They are covering almost every branch right now. We won't get all of those to ripen — it wouldn't be possible for the tree to bear them all, so many will fall off in the coming weeks. Still, it feels bounteous right now--especially when you stand close to the tree and inhale. Smells like peaches already!

These are our nectarines. This tree is much smaller than the peach, but it's doing quite well. Right now they are about as big as grapes, so we have a ways to go. 

Here are two of our apricots. We managed to save most of them from the late frost, and they are doing well. Some have dropped, but nothing looks out of the ordinary. These should be the first fruits to ripen this summer, and we are definitely looking forward to it! We haven't had our own garden (or orchard) fruit since the autumn right before we moved back in 2009, so we've had a long wait. We are so ready!


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