Culling Cabbage

Our cabbage is (finally) looking good enough to eat!

And if you look closely, you will see that we've cut the biggest one for dinner. Some other ingredients that have grown over the past week:

Here's a bell pepper. This one is still a bit too small, but the one we picked was bigger. Also included in our dish:

We've got a jalapeño or two as well! Again, this one is smaller than the one we ate.

When you put it all together you get ...   

Cole slaw! It's soooooo much better fresh than from the deli case at the grocery store or as a side dish at a diner. Fresh cole slaw is much crisper, and you can taste the individual flavors of each ingredient. 

Kirk made this slaw with about half the head of cabbage (shredded), plus the bell pepper and jalapeño (chopped fine). The dressing is just some mayonnaise and cider vinegar. 

There's also a carrot (shredded). I must admit, this is one of the last veggies left in the house from the grocery store. Our carrots took a hit from the turkey attack and are still quite small. Next time, we'll substitute radishes if we still don't have carrots big enough to be of use.

This cole slaw was used in the best possible way — atop Carolina pork barbecue sandwiches! 


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