Tasty Tarts

Last weekend we had friends over for grilling, and of course we served up lots of garden veggies. In addition to snap peas and love dip, Kirk also baked up some vegetable tarts.

These were super easy with some store-bought puff pastry. All he did was roll out the pastry dough into squares and roll up a bit around the edges for a little crust frame. Then he spread filling on top and baked for a bit in the oven — those directions are on the box.

The more interesting part is the filling (well, it's more like a topping, since there's no top shell).

The ones on the left are spinach and goat cheese tarts. These were made by layering slices of goat cheese onto the pastry, then covering that with cooked spinach and Swiss chard (the colorful stems looked nice chopped into the otherwise dark green mixture). I think he also added a bit of garlic in with the cooked spinach as well.

The ones on the right were made with garden peas (left whole) mixed with cream cheese, chives, and mint from the garden. 

They were a hit for dinner, and I can see lots more of these throughout the summer, varying the toppings depending on what's in season. They're great for appetizers cut into four triangles, or you could eat two or three whole for a light summer supper.



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