Aerial View: February 1, 2013

February is not the prettiest time of year in the garden. The snow hides a lot of ugliness, but since we had a couple 60-degree days this past week, it's all gone, laying bare our empty beds. It's also obvious that the winds of this past week were too much for several of our greenhouse tunnels. Despite some valiant efforts, the plastic blew off several times, even uprooting some of the poles. There's not much left in most of these tunnels anyway, so we are letting some of them go. We'll have to pack up the loose plastic this weekend and hope for the best with the remaining root vegetables.  

On the bright side, the cover crop of winter rye is still hanging on like a champ and supplying the chickens with some free-range feasts on the warm(er) days.

The swingset quadrant.

The patio quadrant.

The driveway quadrant.

The workshop quadrant.


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