Winter-Fresh Asian Noodles

Bad news: We're almost out of sweet potatoes. We had a great, big harvest and ate a whole lot of them over the past several months. We have one big one left for a curry this week, but the rest got mushy in storage. The ones we lost were all ones that were small and more like sweet potato strings than actual potatoes, so it wasn't that terrible of a loss.

Still, it gave us pause. We are out of all types of potatoes and onions now, and the last of the cabbage is dwindling in the fridge. We were starting to worry about our No Buying Veggies Challenge as we head through the lean months of February and March. 

Then this happened:

Homemade noodles (thanks, pasta maker!) with peas (from the freezer), carrots, leeks, and cabbage (from the winter garden) sauteed in sesame oil and some soy sauce. It was so, so good.

And fresh and green! And orange. 

This made us feel much better about our No Buying Veggies Challenge, at least for now. We still have some eats left, and hopefully we'll be eating this well through the beginning of April (when we expect to have salad greens again).


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