Digging out the Veg

Here's hoping that this is the last of the snow posts. The blizzard has been fun and all, but now we need some slow-but-steady melting to stay on track with our spring planting plan. Yesterday was a gorgeous, sunny, and warm (for February) day, so it was the perfect opportunity for the kids to play in the snow and help Kirk tunnel into some of the greenhouse tunnels to get at our carrots and leeks:

The carrot section closest to the house had the worst of the drifting, and was completely covered. Four-foot-tall Jonas gives a sense of what we were up against in getting them uncovered.

Carrot access complete! Of course the ground is frozen solid and we have no real leverage for digging, but at least it's a start.

Kirk also managed to get to the leeks. This greenhouse tunnel wasn't completely covered, but it took some work to dig back the snow and roll away the partially buried plastic. Kirk dug up all but the last half dozen leeks and brought them inside (you can see the big pile in the snow to the left). 

Probably the best part of all the snow is that it is very securely holding down our tunnel plastic so we are in no danger of them blowing off in the wind any time soon. If you've been following our garden adventures for any amount of time, you know what a bitch the wind is around here. So hooray for that, at least.


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