Patriot's Day Flowers, 2013

Ok, so Patriot's Day was last Monday. We were away, and things were unbelievably crazy while we were gone, but I wanted to share something beautiful from an otherwise terrible time here in Masaschusetts:

We came home to our perennial border full of daffodils and tulips. To my surprise, the tulips came back even stronger than last year. It looks like the ones I salvaged from the squirrel-led replanting last spring are now solidly in place and doing well:

You can also see a bit of the blue Siberian squill that is hanging on:

This year it's been nice to see the color combination I was building really come to life. I may have to add some more daffodils to a section that looks a little sparse, but other than that, this is one thing that turned out just as it looked on paper.


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